HVZY – Coincidence/Transcendence

Urban Wildlife UWS008 26. September 2019

Following our last release on Urban Wildlife, we are glad to welcome another talent to our family. HVZY, hailing from Braunschweig, Germany, was on our radar since his first official release, a remix of Ly Da Buddah’s “Time Traveller”.

Both tunes we are offering you can be easily classified as straight rollers and are a perfect example
of HVZYs expression of 2019’s DnB.

First up: “Coincidence”. Opening with bright, relaxing pads, followed by tight drumwork and an interesting and roaring bassline game which makes move, none the less. Deep and heavy as hell!

Next up: “Transcendence”. The sinister intro meets up with dark and dirty vibes and the stomping kick accompanies the hypnotizing bass plus a nearly timeless vocal sample. A nod to the oldschool days with a fresh look.

With his tidy and top notch productions we consider HVZY a perfect addition to our roster!
Welcome to the family!