Love & Happiness (Original Mix)

Dushi – Love & Happiness

Urban Wildlife UWS005 31. October 2018

A few months ago the 3rd Urban Wildlife Compilation was released and the most
successful track was the soulful tune Love & Happiness. So it is time to pick this one
out and give it the the deserved spotlight. Three absolut different remixes by
Smuskind, T:Base and Ly Da Buddah complete this release to a powerful EP which
can be seen as a showcase of 4 of Urban Wildlife´s closest producers. So from
soulful via Halftime and Liquid to the minimalistic Jump Up sound from Ly Da
Buddah, you will enjoy this package. But let the music speak and take a listen.

As part of the series „Urban Wildlife Arts“ we invited the collective Angry Koala from
Hamburg Germany to create an absolut individual artwork. Only handicap thy got
was the theme Love & Happiness. The result is a collage of their typical likable and
sweet characters, for which they are known on the streets and at the street art
scene. It is not our first 2gether-action. In 2017 they were part of Urban Wildlife Arts
Exhibition at Waagenbau Club.

Check out, stalk or just follow the artists:

Ly Da Buddah
Angry Koala