Dr Woe

Dr Woe


Born in Berlin, „Dr Woe“ began to produce his own tracks at a young age and has expanded his mastering and mixing skills in recent years . He recently finished his „Insomnius EP“ which was released on the Hamburg based Drum & Bass label „Insomnius Music“, founded by himself and „Violet Core“.

Live „Dr Woe“ is known for his driving, varied Drum & Bass sets with which he takes the listener on a journey of rolling dark, deep styles and Neurofunk. For the past 6 years he has demonstrated his diversity of styles on his own  „Rolling Woe Show“ podcast, always guaranteeing to increased your heart rate. „Dr Woe“ already shared the stage with artists such as: Audio, Current Value, Skynet, Counterstrike, Robyn Chaos, Fortitude, Phace, Rawtekk, Allied and Giana Brotherz.

But also with other genres such as Hip Hop, Trip Hop or Ambient „Dr Woe“ feels safe and produces busy tracks as part of the duo „Scary Woods“, solo as „Moonshyna“ or for the rapper „Banause“ and the Hip Hop crew „Stigmata Musick“.

He even was active as an event organizer and is part of Lübecks „Outrider Crew“. With them he has presented the event series „New Horizon“ and „Beat Fauna“, to name only a few. Last but not least he is an integral part and resident DJ of the Hamburg based “Bass Forward The Revolution“ Crew.

Keep The Bass Rollin´with Dr Woe