Another big news for Urban Wildlife:

In the next days Technique recordings will lift the curtains of their new summer compilation and urban Wildlife can proudly say that we could placed 3 Tracks of our release from March this year on it.

This is one of our key things we are doing for the involved artists of the project. Not just releasing a compialtion and good, is not good for us. We work actively for the young talents and build up networks and good relations to other key operators in the scene like medias, labels and so on. In February Eightball met Simon Bassline Smith and had a deeper talk about the project while SBS was gust on the Drumtor Party in Hamburg. SBS was convinced by the work of UW and after the sighting of the compilation Technique Recordings requested three tracks to be part of the Technique Summer 2017 sampler which will be released in June.

We are so happy but mainly for the artists and the tracks which will take place on this fantastic release:

Tweakz & EmTee – Tell Me

T:Base – Through The Night

Javano – United as One