competition closed 31st November! The winners are:

12 artist sent their tunes in and attended the competition in November. The goal was to get a place on the next release of Urban Wildlife. After the second voting ( the first was a public voting and second by a jury including Neonlight, Syncopix, Stunnah, Eightball, Shade and Kolt Sieverts) the three nominees were:

  1. Freddy Kuno – LMM
  2. El Hopaness – Squelch
  3. Venom218 – Synthphonix

But all other incoming tunes were also absolutely amazing and interesting, so we would like to say thanks to all artist involved.

Afterr this success and a lot of public views and plays the decision is clear. This competition will be part of every new release and the next one will be starting soon.

Check out the complete tracklist of the competition: